Material for the ISE Mechanics 3 Lab.

Contents of this lecture are the breakable shaft-hub connections in mechanical design, like the shape and frictional fits. This is followed by the not breakable shaft hub connections with special emphasis of the shrink and press fits as well as the welded joints and the welding procedures for most diverse metallic materials.
The further topics of the lecture are the fundamentals for axles, shafts and hubs as well as the methods for the computation of the shaft geometry and the shaft deformations under combined load as well as the strength for a given load condition also under kinematics conditions. Friction and lubrication with a systematic treatment of the lubricants and the lubrication theory leads the principles for the different bearing designs further on to roller and sliding bearings with its different characteristics, its construction, their computation of load-carrying capacity and endurance as well as. Rotary and stationary sealing are the last topic of the lecture.


The student knows the methods for desiging shaft-hub connections and welding processes.

Fertigungstechnik (Wintersemester 16/17)

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil Gerd Witt

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