This course is an obligatory part of the Grundstudium for students studying EFL Methodology.

The main aim of the course is to give students an insight into central theoretical aspects of foreign language learning and teaching and to encourage them to develop their own principles and ideas.

To achieve this aim, students will have the chance to analyse their beliefs about language teaching and learning and possibly call some of them into question

  • by learning about some of the crucial factors which determine the language learning and teaching process in the classroom
  • by taking a closer look at the mental processes of first and second language acquisition and differentiating between the underlying theoretical assumptions
  • by reading about and discussing some of the latest developments in TEFL
  • by considering new and alternative ways of organizing and stimulating classroom interaction
  • by looking at the many sources which are available for English teachers and learners.

Each week students will be expected to read texts from a reader and a web module. Students will also be asked to watch short online videos.
Their contents will then be reviewed and expanded on in class and used for critical reflection and discussion of current methodological approaches to TEFL (=Teaching English as a Foreign Language).

Regular attendance and active participation are expected and students are required to complete assignments punctually and to the required standard.

A reader for this course will be available from the Copyshop on Reckhammerweg 4 as well as online.