A toolkit for successful lessons: A toolkit for successful lessons with special emphasis on differentiation:

This course is meant to support your own teaching during the school practice and thus it will provide a toolkit to create successful English lessons. You will learn how to plan and organize your interesting lessons (Stundenverlaufsplan), how to maintain a level of discipline and attentiveness in your classroom, how to give instructions and how to motivate your students. This course will offer some theory how people learn a foreign language – especially primary students - but it is also a hands-on approach, i.e. we will experience how different classroom arrangements and teaching methods and techniques work. Since we have successful programs with partner schools your are required to be part of this.

You may do your practical at schools of your choice.


Also: All students who would like to attend any of the SPS seminars should attend the introductory meeting before the start of term. Please check the relevant websites or send me an e-mail (margit.hempel@uni-due.de).