Contents of this lecture are the technical springs, cooperating and vibration response of technical springs and the design of such spring systems for technical applications.
Form a further point gear wheel and gears with the teeth laws and tooth types as well as the kinematic and static-dynamic conditions of the load of transmission teeth. The relevant interpretation standards as well as the technically important gearbox failure follow.
Clutch and brakes than represent a further topic stare and adjustable systems for braking and connecting rotating motion.
The oil transmissions than form a further topic -, chain, flat and v-belt drives as well as synchronous belt drives for technical applications. Pipes, piping and hydraulic accumulators with their mechanical loads under internal pressure and load by transported media form a further part of the meeting. The application of different interpretation principles is represented by the example of the crank gears with the kinetics and dynamics of the crank gear of the relevant load of the elements by the example of applications of presses and shears. Special designs of the crank gear in form of crank gear systems put on such as knee levers and drive shaft crank gears form the conclusion of the lecture.

The student can use the methods for designing technicals springs, gears and belt and chain drives.

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