The seminar will be on the field of the protection of inventions, ideas and innovations. The seminar will cover all aspects of intellectual property law (IP law) for bachelor and master students of all courses as well as for students of other branches of studies and is offered as non-technical subject. The seminar will be held in English and regularly attending the lectures has shown to be the main prerequisite for passing the test at the end of the lectures in February successfully.

Topics of the lectures are:

·         Basic information to protective rights including an overview over patents, utility models, design rights, trademarks etc.

·         What can be protected? Where can I obtain information as to such protective rights? What can I do with such information?

·         Information Management

·         How to apply for a protective right?

·         Illustrative examples for protective rights such as patents, designs etc.

·         Other protective rights – strategic considerations

·         International IP Law – protective rights abroad

·         Exploiting protective rights and getting benefits out of them

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