Refugee Routes I (Blended Learning Seminar)

In this blended learning seminar, students learn about refugeeism, internal displacement, political exile, and other forms of forced migration in a global context. Students go on to learn about the political, economic, social, and environmental conditions that drive people from their homes, and about the changing conditions for the displaced in host countries. Students gain an understanding of the legal distinctions under international humanitarian law. The seminar investigates the ways in which leaving home and adapting to new circumstances are depicted in various forms of cultural production, including memoirs, films, novels, poetry, and other media. Students enquire into the emotional, psychological, political, and socio-economic consequences of displacement, and uncover qualities of resilience, adaptability, and self-agency. Via the expert testimony of scholars, cultural producers, social workers, human rights activists, refugees and political exiles, students gain further insights into global responses to mass human displacement. Video interviews, presentations, self-assessment tools, and other digital content have been created specifically for this seminar. The seminar has been developed in conjunction with Academy in Exile. Regular preparation and active online and in-presence participation are required to successfully complete the seminar.