EN: In this course students of the bachelor study program Moderne Ostasienstudien will gain a comprehensive overview of the societies of Japan and Korea. The topics will cover post-war and current developments as well as emerging concerns in modernisation, social structure, labor market, and social change respectively.


DE: Studierende dieser Veranstaltung im Bachelorstudiengang Moderne Ostasienstudien erhalten einen umfassenden Einblick in die Gesellschaften Japans und Koreas. Die Themen decken jeweilig die Entwicklungen in der Nachkriegszeit als auch der Gegenwart sowie sich abzeichnende Problemstellungen in der Modernisierung, der Sozialstruktur, dem Arbeitsmarkt, sowie sozialem Wandel ab.

The course will highlight the political economy of China. For example, how do China’s political institutions operate and influence the country’s economic development? The course will take its starting point with tools in modern development and political economics, which can be applied to the study of China. In this process, we will gradually build a common analytical framework.  We will end with a number of closer examination of key issues in China’s economic reforms.