A team of students is expected to revise and improve (e-)learning materials on how to conduct qualitative research and organize a small study on cultural conflict that includes following tasks:

1)     Materials improvement.

a.      Revise and improve the existing guidelines (Word documents and Moodle elements), which should, at least, cover the following items:

                                                    i.     Case Study Guideline improvement;

                                                  ii.     Ethnography Guideline improvement; 

                                                 iii.     Interview Guideline improvement;

                                 v.     Video development (minimum 1 video for Case Study and 1 video for Ethnography sections);

                                                   v.     Templates (re-)development: interview transcript, field memo, interview report and research report.

b.      Students are required to go through the materials and make improvement, in terms of:

                                                    i.     Quality of content: adding more reliable/reputable sources (and replacing the non-reliable ones);

                                                  ii.     Structure: orthography, language style consistency, layout (table, figure);

                                                 iii.     Citation: style consistency, fixing errors, making sure the references are all listed and available in Moodle.

2)     Small study on culture conflict.

a.      Students will conduct a small study by organizing interviews (with 8-10 interviewees) to investigate how cultural conflict influences team performance;

b.      The interviewees will be the students from the previous IS project in WS19/20 and SS19. The interviews will be conducted virtual, and the analysis will be done with an analysis tool (Atlas.ti);

c.      Students are expected to apply the “Interview Guidelines” to conduct this study and –by doing so – improve the content of the guidelines based on their own interview observations and experience.

d.      The end result of this study will be a “Research Report” (10-15 pages long).