The seminar will include several sub-headings under the title of Armed conflict, including the main definition of the Armed conflict and the causes. It will discuss the effects of war and armed conflict  on individuals, especially children in the early stages of life, as the impact is reflected on all aspects of life, such as: health and basic needs. We will discuss their effects on educational infrastructure, teaching professionals and curriculum, lack of learning. The seminar will focus on the effects of the Syrian war on children, psychologically, physically and socially,  the impact of the Syrian crisis on education and how parents and educational staff dealt during the war too. It will address questions such as: What are the effects of the war on learning in Syrian schools? What are the educational difficulties faced participants in the field of education in Syria? It will also focus on the economic effects of war and child labour. It will include a brief description of Qualitative research and Grounded theory. Some of the focus-group interviews conducted in the city of Aleppo will be analyzed by the participants in working groups independently, and presenting their results. The seminar is based on many relevant references, UN reports, and many interviews conducted in the city Aleppo, Syria in 2018.

The seminar will be online and the working language will be English. 

The dates:
Meeting 1:     07 Dec 2021
Meeting 2:     14 Dec 2021
Meeting 3:     21 Dec 2021
Meeting 4:     04 Jan 2022
Meeting 5:     11 Jan 2022
Meeting 6:     18 Jan 2022
Meeting 7:     25 Jan 2022
Meeting 8:     31 Jan 2022
Meeting 9:     03 Feb 2022
Meeting 10:   10 Feb 2022