Have you ever watched a movie where robots and persons share the same environment, collaborating together in a natural and socially-acceptable manner? Have you asked yourself which technological background would be required for making such futuristic vision possible in reality?

In this seminar, we are going to investigate the technological bases necessary to make robots and humans share physical and social spaces. Due to the inherent diversity of social robotics, the seminar is going to touch a variety of topics, e.g., robotics, embedded systems, artificial intelligence, computer vision, machine learning, human-robot interaction, as well as cognitive and social sciences.

Depending on the number of participants, the seminar will be organized either as a set of written surveys on selected topics, followed by corresponding presentations, or as a full-fledged scientific event including a reviewing process.

This seminar is suitable for students at the bachelor and master level. However, it cannot be chosen by master AI-SE students. This seminar is given in English. Please also note that the maximum number of participants is limited to 12. If you have questions regarding this seminar, please send an email to carlos.medina-sanchez@uni-due.de.

Seminar language: English

The kickoff meeting for this project will take place in SA 126 on April, 12th from 10h to 12h. Please check this information for updates or send an email to carlos.medina-sanchez@uni-due.de to be notified about changes. Participation in this meeting is mandatory.