The Interactive Data Exploration and Analytics (IDEA) lab course offered at the UDE Social Computing Group focuses on the effective integration of techniques from human-computer interaction (HCI), information visualization, and machine learning to help users interactively explore and visualize data.

The aim of this semester’s IDEA lab is to co-design and implement Learning Analytics indicators in CourseMapper. CourseMapper is a MOOC platform developed at the UDE Social Computing Group. 

More information available in our webpage.

Target audience
  • Bachelor of Applied Computer Science
  • Bachelor Komedia

Date and location
  • Wednesday, 10:00 - 12:00
  • Lab sessions & presentations are held in person (LK 052)
  • Group work and Hands-on session are held online (Zoom)
  • Starts on April 8 in room LB 113

  • Interest in data science and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)
  • Basic knowledge and interest in Web development (React.js)
  • UI design and evaluation
  • Creativity, Critical thinking, Collaboration, Communication (4 C's) skills
  • High motivation and commitment