In the "Disruptive Innovation and Moonshot Design" course, students delve into sustainable innovation models, focusing on integrating environmental and social responsibility into economic success. Through case studies, they explore how successful businesses have adopted sustainability in their core strategies, providing real-world insights. The curriculum addresses pressing global sustainability challenges, such as climate change, emphasizing innovative solutions like renewable energy and sustainable technologies. Students learn to assess environmental and social impacts using sustainability metrics, equipping them with tools to evaluate and enhance business practices. 

Simultaneously, the course emphasizes the transformative role of digital technologies in innovation, examining how advancements like AI and AR reshape business models. Digital entrepreneurship is a key focus, with students exploring digital platforms, e-commerce, and marketing strategies crucial for modern business growth. The use of digital tools in the innovation process, including design thinking software and collaborative platforms, is highlighted to foster creativity and efficiency. The course also looks ahead, discussing the potential future applications of emerging digital technologies such as advanced analytics and augmented reality, preparing students to leverage these tools in driving innovation. This holistic approach ensures graduates are well-equipped to lead in the intersecting realms of sustainability and digital innovation.